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Ameristar products give you the ability to assemble an entire system or purchase a single component with great affordability. The following pages will provide you with the information needed to find the rightc omponent or system for your home.

Ameristar air conditioners and heat pumps can help meet your heating and cooling needs while staying within your budget. Our air conditioning units are equipped with essential features to cool your home quietly and effectively in warm weather, while our heat pumps can remove heat when it's warm and add heat when it's cool. Your heating and cooling installer can help you decide which Ameristar component is right for your home.

Ameristar packaged units deliver quiet, consistent heating and cooling for your home at an affordable price. Built to last and designed for year-round efficiency, they'll keep you cool in the heat of summer and warm on wintry days. Ask your heating and cooling installer to help you select the right model for your home.


Registered Limited Warranty terms are applicable if the products are registered within 60 days of installation. Products can be registered online at or by phone at 866-554-5611, otherwise Ameristar's Base Limited Warranty terms will apply. Base Limited Warranty terms can be found online at Warranties are for residential use only; some restrictions may apply. Ask your installer for full warranty information at the time of purchase.

  • 5-Year Base Limited Parts Warranty
  • 10-Year Registered Limited Parts Warranty

Honeywell Products
Honeywell Products


Air Conditionersand Heat Pumps

Ameristar air conditioners provide the cool air your household needs while our heat pumps work to deliver pleasant air temperatures year‑round, all at an ideal combination of capability and affordability.

Packaged Units

Highly efficient Ameristar packaged units operate quietly and consistently to provide affordable heating or cooling for your family throughout the year, with models to fit a variety of homes.

Air Handlers

Depending on your home's geographic location, the Ameristar air handler is an affordable heating and cooling solution that works with your air conditioner or heat pump to effectively circulate heated or cooled air throughout your home.


Built with value in mind, Ameristar furnaces warm your home with gas heat during the winter and circulate cooled air in the summer, keeping you comfortable year-round.

IndoorAir Coils

Attached to your furnace, your coil works with your outdoor unit to provide more comfortable and conditioned air.

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